Gift Industry Tip: Finding A Supplier.

With the ever-increasing competition, today’s gift industry is becoming harder to stand out from the crowd. Keeping the customers happy with ‘New Products’, ‘Something a bit different’ and ‘A reasonably priced, different, beautiful, amazing’ gift, it’s getting harder!

Where would you go to keep finding those products? We tend to go to a few trade shows a year, usually the NEC Spring and Autumn fair and Pulse, this is purely timing and Geography. We love the shows and love meeting up and catching up with favourite suppliers and talking to other retailers but they do cost. We always do 2/3 days at the NEC and stay in a hotel. So as well as both taking 2/3 days out from the business you have the expenses to add on top. Don’t get me wrong we would never not go to the shows but we felt finding really good suppliers outside the show was actually quite hard, trawling through the internet.

The Idea for Gift Shop Wholesalers actually came at one of the shows, we felt we needed a really good online place where you could have it all laid out for you so basically you don’t miss out on potentially exciting products or suppliers.

We are building up our suppliers on GSW and hope you can find some new and exciting suppliers, do let us know if you have any suppliers that you feel would look great on our site!

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