Trade Magazines

Below is a list of trade magazines, a great way of finding new suppliers and getting ideas and inspiration for your business. Check out the websites…

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Progressive Greetings – Progressive Gifts and Home magazine – Produced by Max publishing. A quality glossy magazine bi monthly lot’s up updates of awards and other industry news. Good for staying in touch with industry news.

Greetings Today – A delightful glossy magazine aimed at the Greeting card industry, packed with articles and relevant advertising. Issues monthly with a double issue in November/December.

Gift Focus Magazine – A thick Glossy magazine up to 150 pages, bi-monthly full of interesting articles and editorial. Great for flicking through to get ideas for your shop.

Giftware Review – A larger sized magazine, bi monthly. Another good read, lots of good advertisers and relevant editorial.

If you are a magazine and would like to be included in this section, please get in touch and we will be happy to review your magazine and include this on our site.

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