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from you to me captures stories, memories & experiences from your family & close friends with these award-winning journals find out on Giftshop Wholesalers.

from you to me…Capture stories, memories and experiences from your family and close friends with these award-winning journals … The Gift you give and then get back!

The Company

from you to me was founded in 2007. Managing Director, Neil was caring for his terminally ill father when it struck him that there was so much that had been left unsaid and undiscovered about his father’s life.

A keen public interest in family history was evident with the success of genealogy websites & BBC’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are’. However, Neil recognised that it is less easy to find interesting facts and stories about the names featured on a family tree. The demise in popularity of the art and fun of letter-, journal-, diary-writing and scrap-booking means that often many of the memories that make family life so fascinating and fun are left untold.

Asking questions that you’ve never thought to ask, telling stories you’ve never had the chance to tell, as well as the cathartic nature of writing, all inspired Neil to create from you to me. So the first product, ‘Dear Mum’ was born. 1,000 copies were printed to test the market and these were sold through two local shops and a company website. These journals sold out within two weeks and, following great feedback, the first business vision was created and from you to me began.

Together with Director & Company Secretary, Helen Stephens, Neil expanded the product range to over 20 titles – gifts for every loved one, for those with special interests, and for many memorable occasions. Available in nine additional languages, from you to me products are available in over 700 gift and book retail stores in the UK, through the company website and through the Company’s Ambassador’s network.

The Company has a head office in Bradford on Avon, with a team of sales agents throughout the UK and distribution partners in many countries around the World.


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