Finding New Wholesale Suppliers

When we initially opened up our gift shop we focused on new wholesale suppliers, searching for those amazing products, unique in style to set us aside from our competitors, yet still affordable. Over the years, however, our focus shifts to the day to day running of the business, the staff rota, the overhead costs and other necessary yet mundane tasks.

How much time have you spent recently aggressively searching out new suppliers, or, weeding out the old ones. Wholesalers come and go, sometimes the quality and style changes as well as the prices, yet we stay with them to fill our shelves using our credit accounts for security and cash flow. However, doing so may not be in our best interests or suit our customers tastes.

So here is where we can help you to find new, exciting and contemporary ranges.  You can search through our ranges to find the new stock which will lift your businesses back to the top of its game, give your customers something to come in for and to talk about. Place a small order with a new supplier, and, if the quality and style measures up, and your customers like it, then place a larger order. Don’t be afraid to try someone new.

Have fun choosing 🙂


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