Jewellery and Packaging - Perceived value

A lot of jewellery suppliers nowadays do not supply their pieces in any kind of packaging, this is to save on their overheads. Adding your own pouches or boxes will increase your cost, however, the perceived value of the pieces themselves will also increase and so will your turnover.

Displaying a pendant or bracelet correctly will make all the difference. We are in the Gift Industry, and a Gift always looks as though it cost more money if it is packaged beautifully. If you give someone a bracelet wrapped in tissue it’s a lovely gesture, if you give someone the same bracelet in a box, gift wrapped in a gift bag it’s a lovely “expensive“ gesture.

I’m not suggesting that you make less profit on your piece of jewellery, far from it. Mark up your jewellery as you would ordinarily, then take the packaging costs and add a mark up on them as well, you can sell the item as a whole product. This will increase your profit on each item, and undoubtedly increase your sales figures as well.

You will soon be able to find suppliers of jewellery and gift packaging amongst our lists of suppliers, choose a theme or colour and really go for it – it doesn’t have to cost very much to make a huge amount of difference.

If you have the time and space why not offer a ‘Free’ gift wrapping service. You’d be amazed how much difference it makes to a customer buying a gift if the item is beautifully wrapped in tissue and put into a gift bag. If you seal the tissue and the gift bag with a pretty sticker bearing your name, address and website then not only are you giving your customer excellent customer service, but you are also doing a spot of advertising at the same time.

A lot of the time our customers come to us on the way to a party because they know that they will leave with a ‘ready to go’ present rather than having to go elsewhere to buy paper, then go home and wrap it, and we often have people come in to us saying that they received a gorgeous gift from us so wanted to come and see the shop for themselves – so we know that it works 🙂


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